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Monday, 14 May 2018 (Workshops)
Time Speaker Title

Frans Jongma, HPE

Room Potsdam: Workshop I

NonStop SQL/MX Database Services (DBS)


Holger Villrnger - HPE
Marvin König & Marcus Friedrich
Master Students, HPE Pointnext

Room Wittenberg: Workshop II

Blockchain - Decentralization of Trust - Beyond the hype



Colin Butcher, XDelta Limited
Keith Parris, Pontnext, HPE

Raum Meißen: Workshop II


Tuesday, 15 May 2018 (Plenary)
Time Speaker Title

Mark Pollens, HPE

HPE Integrity BonStop Roadmap Update

11.30 Franz König, HPE Virtual NonStop - future technical visions (working title)
13.15 Prahanth Kamath, HPE Virtualized NonStop's new offering of VMware (working title)
14.15 Frans Jongma, HPE NonStop SQL Database Technical Update

Hamman Ferreira, BankservAfrica

Customer Presentation: t.b.d.

16.30 David McLeod, HPE A Fundamentally Different NonStop World
17.15 Jörg Richter, Ingenico Payment Services GmbH Customer Presentation: Unmatched Migration (a NonStop succes story)
17.45 Cor Geboers, HPE Modern NonStop development practices around NSDEE
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 (Room Potsdam / Vendor Theatre)
Time Speaker Title
13.15 Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic, Inc. New HPE Shadowbase Success Stories
13.45 Steve Tcherchian, XYPRO Technology GDPR: How to Comply in a NonStop Server Environment
14.15 Henry Fonseca,
CSP Computer Security Products
Compliance Made Easy
15.00 Phil Ly, TIC Software
John Russel, Canam Software Labs, Inc.
Extend NonStop Applications with Cloud-based Services
15.30 Felix Rosbach, comforte 21 GmbH The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Create it: Maximize the Value for your NonStop
17.15 Prathima Sidda, Idelji Corp Integrated and Automated Operation Management Solution
17.45 Jessica Nieves, OmniPayments LLS How to Build an Application with 99,99999% Availability
Tuesday, 15 May 2018 (Room Wittenberg)
Time Speaker Title

Colin Butcher, Xdelta Ltd.

Systems Performance Engineering

11.30 Thomas Jorczik, SIOS Competence Center Dresden SAP HANA Systeme hochverfügbar in Amazon Cloud - Chancen und Risiken

Colin Butcher, XDelta Ltd.

Delivering mission-critical systems

14.15 Christian Reichenbach, HPE Blockchain - Decentralization of Trust

Peter Haase,
JiT 2000 Ges. für Risikoanalysen mbH

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)


Jürgen Depping, CommitWork GmbH

Using Alexa with your software environment


Siegfried Becker, HPE

HPE Superdome Flex




Azure Stack Appliance based on HPE Hardware


Tuesday, 15 May 2018 (Room Meißen)
Time Speaker Title

Kevin Duffy, Oracle

What's New in Oracle RdB


Terry R. Holmes , VMS Software

VMS Soft Stategy Update


Brett Cameron, VMS Software

Open Source Integration Options and Ideas for OpenVMS


Siegfried Becker, HPE

Warum auf Integrety i6 Sever wechseln?


Brett Cameron, VMS Software

VSI OpenVMS Technical Update and Roadmap


Kevin Duffy, Oracle

Oracle Product Update


Andreas Cejna, Campus Marienthal Service GmbH

On OpenVMS: Running Oracle APEX

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 (Plenary)
Time Speaker Title

John Kinchen & David Ward, IBM UK

Moving your business from MQ V5.3
to a solution based on a highly-available MQ V8.0

10.30 Wolfgang Breidbach, Bank-Verlag GmbH Customer Presentation: Migration from I to X
11.00 Mark Pollans, HPE NonStop Software Update
14.00 Ingo Weyck, thyssenkrupp AG Customer Presentation: NonStop Server Migration MQ V5 to MQ V8
14.30 Darren Burkey, Micro Focus A Data Security Overview with Atalia HSM and Enterprise Secure Key Management
15.00 Marcus Pullen, HPE NonStop Service Portals
15.30 Ron Meijer, Continuous B.V. NonStop Education Essentials
Wednesday, 16 May 2018 (Room Potsdam / Vendor Theatre)
Time Speaker Title
08.45 Sylvain Tétreault, ETI-NET Inc. Latest on NonStop Backup Products
09.15 Richard Buckle, Pyalla Technology, LLC
(on behalf of Network Technologies)
DRNet OPEN for Hybrid IT
10.00 Todd Barth, NuWave Technologies The move to APIs: Using REST with HPE NonStop Applications
10.30 Rick Stather, TCM Solutions Shadowbase Tricks. A ‘Swiss Army Knife’ guide to Replication/Recovery
11.00 Péter Boros, Quattrosoft Command and Control System - a case study to show the possibilities of a technology available for NonStop
13.00 Host: Daniel Craig, TCM & Vanessa Kaupp. HPE NonStop Under 40s (NSU40s) Chapter Lunch Meeting
14.00 Steve Tcherchian, XYPRO Technology Proactive Risk Management
How Navy Federal Credit Union stay ahead of the threat
14.30 Paul J. Holenstein, Gravic, Inc. New HPE Shadowbase Features that Solve Customers Challenges
15.00 John Bycroft, comforte 21 GmbH Dealing with Risk & Compliance to secure your growth
15.30 Prathima Sidda, Idelji Corp Cloud Analytics for NonStop
Wednesday, 16 May 2018 (Room Wittenberg)
Time Speaker Title

Prof. Dr. Sabine Radomski
Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig

Software Qualität ist wie Schönheit

Wednesday, 16 May 2018 (Room Meißen)
Time Speaker Title

Brett Cameron, VMS Software

Application Modernization for OpenVMS Customers

10.00 Martin Vorländer, PDV-Systeme GmbH Erfahrungsbericht VSI-Migration
10.45 Arie de Groot, AVTware OpenVMS in the Cloud with the help of AVTware

Johan Michiels, EuroVMS

Modern OpenVMS System Management


Gerrit Woertman
Woertman Soest VMSConsultany

eCube/GDPR/VSI Alpha